Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet Glass

Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet Glass

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Glass cabinet inserts are the perfect compromise between solid cabinets and open shelving which keep out dust and create a practical focal point in your kitchen. Many clients choose to illuminate their kitchen cabinets to create ambiance and showcase kitchenware or decorative items.

There is a huge range of glass cabinet insert designs available which allow for light and create an open feeling within kitchens of all styles. With eye-catching designs and various textures available to complement your design, choosing the right cabinet glass is a decision not to be taken lightly.


Transparent glass suits all styles of kitchen and is a classic, failsafe choice which is widely available. We recommend choosing a tempered style to protect against breakage. You might decide to choose flat panels or, to add a touch of class, why not consider decorative mullions?

There’s no hiding behind transparent glass, so whatever is in your cupboard should be neat and well arranged. Glass cabinets show up fingerprints immediately so it would be wise to keep glass cleaner handy.


Frosted glass is great for modern kitchens and achieves its translucency by being blasted with sand or grit. The perfect sleek finish to any space, frosted glass makes it easier to hide mismatched tumblers and dishes. If desired, frosted glass can be etched with a unique, personalised design.

Remember, it’s still necessary to keep things organised behind frosted glass as shapes can be seen through the panes.


Visually appealing and tactile, moulded or embossed glass can be found in a plethora of designs including ribbed, pebbled, grooved, bevelled, patterned and more. Not only is textured glass aesthetically pleasing, it also obscures the outlines of cabinet contents and hides smears well.

As kitchen designs and styles move in and out of favour, it’s wise to choose a pattern which is less likely to become dated. A simple ribbed style will look fantastic now and in the years to come.


If you’re looking to create a vintage style kitchen, seeded glass is pocked with tiny bubbles and some styles also have a wavy quality, giving the glass a hand-crafted appearance. Seeded glass is an old-fashioned trend which makes it ideal for a cottage as well as shaker and traditional kitchens.

The bubbles and seeds in seeded glass come in different sizes; vintage styles usually make use of smaller bubbles. If you plan to showcase dishware or collectibles, choose smaller seeding. Alternatively, to better hide displays, choose larger bubbles.


Elegant and traditional, leaded glass cabinet inserts have timeless appeal and are available in a number of designs. To add a hint of colour to your kitchen, you can opt for inserts with stained glass which will look lovely with backlit cabinets.

If you wish to discuss your choice of kitchen cabinet glass in depth, get in touch with the team at S Simpson Joinery today. We’re happy to help.